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Each attendee will receive publications worth $345.00 free as part of the registration fee: ACI 318-11, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, worked example problems from PCA. "PCA Notes on ACI 318-08 and PCA Notes on ACI 318-11 Companion Publication" (Mailed to attendees free of charge when published). “anchor” using the provisions of ACI 318-11 Appendix D, or as “reinforcement” using the provisions of ACI 318-11 Chapters 12 or 21. This means that post-installed reinforcing bars can now be designed for a development length calculated using the provisions of either Chapter 12 or Chapter 21. Successfully completing the AC308 test pro-

Select between ACI 318-91 and several later code. This changes the look of the tab slightly to provide the proper items for the selected code. Actual Rebar Area . Based upon the rebar size number entered immediately above, the typical area used in engineering practice is recalled from an internal table and shown here. Straight Embedment . ACI ...
Mar 16, 2018 · ACI 318-14 Code, Development Length, Rebar One of the common issues on site involves the design of development length in the reinforcing bars that we are using. For some engineers development length in bars is generally taken for granted. Nevertheless, it is important to stress out the use of it since this is part of the strengthening of rebar.
Development of Reinforcement Based on ACI 318-14 Development length is certain minimum length of the bar required on either side of a point of maximum steel stress, in order to transfer the bar force to surrounding concrete through bond, without slip,so as to prevent bar from pulling out under tension.
Modify ACI 318 Section by adding the following:. Shop fusion welded stirrup/tie cage (or spiral assemblies) consisting of low-alloy steel reinforcing stirrups/ties conforming to ASTM A706 and longitudinal holding wires, conforming to ASTM A1064 shall be permitted.
respectively; ACI 318 is referenced in IBC Section 1901.2). The DYWIDAG Grade 100 couplers are used as tension and compression mechanical splices of the DYWIDAG Grade 100 Threadbars®. The splices comply with ACI 318-14 Section under the 2015 IBC (ACI 318-11 and -08 Section under the 2012 and 2009 IBC, respectively).
Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete: (ACI 318-02) and ... ACI Committee 318 , American Concrete Institute Snippet view - 2002 Common terms and phrases
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  • development length was determined for epoxy-coated and ... reinforcement of a particular size was from the same heat of ... Comparison with ACI 318-89 and ...
  • A706/A706M-14 Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Low-Alloy Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement / 2014 A722/A722M-12: A722/A722M-12 Standard Specification for Uncoated High-Strength Steel Bars for Prestressing Concrete / 2012
  • Consider our contractor’s dilemma. If the bar in question is an uncoated #6 bottom bar, with a yield strength of 60 ksi in normal weight concrete (f ‘ c = 4,000 psi), ACI 318 section 12.2.2 would yield a basic development length (and Class A lap splice length) of 29 inches.
  • 500 reinforcement. The slab is outside buildings which ... (12) = 14 mm Allowance in design for deviation, ∆C dev = 10 mm ∴Nominal cover, C nom = C min + ∆C dev
  • 04-14 Performance Characterization of Beams with High-Strength Reinforcement. 04-13 Assessment of Yield Stress Measurement Methods for Reinforcing Bars. 03-14 Development of Tentative Specification for High-Strength Steel Reinforcing Bar. 05-13 The Development Of A Roadmap On The Use Of High- Strength Reinforcement In Reinforced Concrete Design

Using RF-CONCRETE Members, concrete column design is possible according to ACI 318-14. The discrepancy in comparison to the development length above calculated with analytical equations is due to the ACI 318-14, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary.

with ACI 318-19 Sections 20.5 and and ACI 318-14 Sections 20.6 and the 2021, 2018 and 2015 IBC (ACI 318s 7.7 -and 11 Section 12.6.1 for the 2012 IBC), as applicable, and must be measured from the outer surface of the HRC 555 headed reinforcing bar’s head. products in this report were evaluated for complian. 5.6
3. Wall reinforcement provisions and minimum require-ments can be found in Chapters 14 and 21. Chapter 14 refers to steel ratio requirements for both rebar and WWR. Both reinforcing materials can be specified. See Special Provisions for Seismic Design in Chapter 21. Higher ratios of reinforcement are required in Chapter 21. ACI 318-11 (ACI, 2011) provides development and lap splice length requirements. These requirements are design limits, and are not intended to be · The ACI 408R-03 equations relate development length to the fourth root of concrete compressive strength instead of its square root.

in this ETL differs from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 318 (ACI 1989), primarily in the load factors, the concrete stress-strain rela-tionship, and the yield strength of Grade 60 reinforcement. ETL 1110-2-312 guidance was intended to result in designs equivalent to those resulting when working stress methods are used. 3.

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top reinforcement from the "D2" height of the beam. This condition would create a noncontact lap splice, and the spacing of the bars would be limited to the smaller of one-fifth the required lap splice length and 6 in. (150 mm), conforming to Section 12.14.23 of the ACI 318 Code. For a step that is 3 in. (75 mm) or less in height, the offset ...