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Dec 08, 2014 · For mobile phones and Bluetooth tags Up to 512 user codes/tags Adjustable range detection Delivered with Conlan Wiegand Controller (Art. 460116) REX input Programmable LED and buzzer 8 core 2.5 m... RFID technology has been around since 1970, but until recently, it has been too expensive to use on a large scale. Originally, RFID tags were used to track large items, like cows, railroad cars and airline luggage, that were shipped over long distances.

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What Is Z-Wave? Z-Wave is a wireless protocol harnessing low-energy radio waves to help smart devices or appliances communicate successfully with one another.
Surpas technology Co. Ltd. Surpas Technology Co.,Ltd,established in 2011,is a growing manufacturer of high-quality security products for enterprise,engineering project and residential applications.Our main products include standalone Access Control,RFID,QR Reader, network ...
I have a microcontroller (PICAXE 20X2) and a pot meter. I programmed the micro so that it sends any change of pot meter to serial port of PC. Obviously it is a 8bit ADC. Now the interesting thing f...
Wiegand Calculator - 26-bit format. This calculator allows you to manipulate and decode the fields of a standard 26-bit wiegand access card number.
Wiegand kodetastatur og Bluetooth læser til adgangskontrol med 2 udgange. IP67 klassificering til inden- og udendørs brug. Spændingsinterval: 9-42 VDC, 30 mA.
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  • MonitorCast 4 is a feature-rich enterprise access control system that comes integrated with the Video Insight 7 video management system. No additional costs for integration Easy-to-use, web-based administration Dashboard for real time reporting Available only in the United States and Canada MonitorCast Key Features
  • Wiegand to Serial Conversor Hello, I have to do a project at the university and I will use a HID card reader that works with the Wiegand 26 protocol, but my project only reads from the RS232 serial protocol... [8D] I need develop a Wiegand to RS232 converter, I made a circuit with a PIC18F1320 to convert and I will use the MPLAB C18 compiler ...
  • Face Recognition Cameras Home > Products > Access Control > Face Recognition Cameras FS2-V25W 2MP Face Recognition Compact Vari-focal Dome Camera H.265, f=2.8-12mm motorized lens, Wiegand port, IP66 Datasheet FS2-V25M 2MP Face Recognition Compact Vari-focal Dome Camera H.265, f=6-22mm motorized lens, Wiegand port, IP66 Datasheet FS2-B36W 2MP Face Recognition Vari-focal Bullet Camera H.265, f=2 ...
  • High-end BIO9000 For a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the Rosslare Bio9000 series delivers peace of mind to end-users and installers – offering advanced features like liveness check and facial recognition. Bio9000 biometric terminals provide high accuracy, with low-false acceptance and low-false-rejection rates to measurably enhance site security. The Bio9000 series can store
  • Nedap's Wiegand Interface Module ensures an easy integration of the ANPR Access (HD) into any existing or new access control panel that Wiegand Interface Module. module for ANPR Access (HD).

Qscan is available with Wiegand, Rs232, Aba, Hid5352, or Tcp/ip interfaces. Qscan options include a 2 line by 16 character display, readable in direct sunlight, an internal formC relay, an arming loop control, and RF card reading (Prox,Iclass) including IBC Ec1 cards. For the indoor version of the Qscan click here.

pcProx Playback Wiegand easily outputs data to any device accepting Wiegand data Platform independent and versatile. Supports any operating system with USB, Windows® 2000/XP, Citrix®, UNIX®, Vista®, Linux, Macintosh, thin clients and more. Specifications. Typical maximum read range: 2.0” – 4.0” (5.0 – 10.0 cm) with PVC ID cards
Identiv’s MobilisID system brings ease and simplicity to physical access and management without compromising security. Using the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies, MobilisID Readers allow users the freedom to access a controlled environment without the need to present a credential. BAS-IP AV-03BD is a stylish entrance panel, which will undoubtedly fit perfectly into the interior of any office centre. The panel is made of high-quality plastic and can be utilized in virtually any indoor space.

ESP RFID Tool is a WiFi enabled tap for the Wiegand protocol, which is the most widespread protocol for proximity card reader systems. ESP RFID Tool can be installed in a reader to passively sniff and log Wiegand data. The main target group for this device is 26-37bit HID cards.

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Visionis VIS-3100 Access Control Black RFID Weatherproof IP66 Proximity Card Reader 125KHz Compatible with Wiegand 26 Bit for Door Entry System 4.3 out of 5 stars 7 $19.33 $ 19 . 33